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Yamamoto Nutrition About BREAKFAST 600g

RM 139.00

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Yamamoto Nutrition About BREAKFAST 600g!!!

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Yamamoto Nutrition About BREAKFAST is a food supplement based on wholemeal oatmeal & egg white proteins, with a mix of enzymes. It can be used as a classic supplement based on flour and egg protein to shake with water or milk. Or as a preparation, in particular, for pancakes.

The peculiarity that distinguishes Yamamoto Nutrition About BREAKFAST from other products in the same category are:

  • High protein contant. Yamamoto Nutrition About BREAKFAST is composed of 39% egg white. In Yamamoto Nutrition About BREAKFAST, there are only & exclusively proteins from egg whites.
  • The presence of wholemeal oat flour & not just flour. This feature makes Yamamoto About BREAKFAST rich in dieary fiber.
  • The presence of Vitamin Bs.
  • The presence of digestive enzymes such as amylase, protease, glucosamilase, lipase, cellulase, lactase, pectinase.
  • The complete absence of fructose or other sugars often present in these in these types of products.
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