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Yamamoto Nutrition Muscle Whey COMPLEX 2.4Kg

RM 189.00

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Yamamoto Nutrition Muscle Whey COMPLEX 2.4Kg!!!

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The Yamamoto Nutrition Muscle Whey COMPLEX is a whey protein concentrate food supplement that is suitable for athletes performing intense physical activity. Protein contributes to the growth & maintenance of muscle mass. Whey protein is naturally contains branched chain amino acid (BCAA).

Yamamoto Nutrition Muscle Whey COMPLEX is a supplement based on Volactive® Ultra Whey 80 WPC80 quality whey protein concentrate.

The first-generation whey protein powder contained 30-40% protein & high amounts of lactose, undenatured proteins & fats. Modern concentrates now contain up to 70-80% protein, with reduced amount of lactose & fats. Many people have the impression that a WPC is inherently inferior to an isolate. This is simply NOT TRUE!!! Although WPC contains less kinds of useful compounds that are not found in isolates.

Good concentrates contain much higher levels of growth factors, such as IGF-1, TGF-1 & TGF-2. They contain much higher levels of various phospholipids & various bioactive lipids, such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), & often contain higher levels of immunoglobulins & lactoferrin.
The disadvantages of WPCs are that they have a slightly lower protein content than an isolate, & contain higher levels of fats (although these fats can have beneficial effects) & much higher levels of lactose.

People should not feel that a well-made WPC is inherently inferior to a whey protein isolate (WPI), & it may in fact be a superior choice, depending on the person's goals.

For example, some people do not tolerate lactose well, or are watching the amount of fat consumed in their diet, while others may want the potentially beneficial effects of the additional compounds found in a high-quality concentrate.



  • 20 grams of protein per portion (chocolate flavour)
  • 5.1 grams of BCAAs per portion
  • Low sugar content

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Practical high-quality proteins that help develop and maintain muscle mass: with just 2.5 grams of fat (chocolate flavour), 2.2 grams of carbohydrates (chocolate flavour) and only 87 calories per portion.
It also includes essential amino acids, including 5.1 grams of BCAAs, naturally present in proteins and which contribute to fitness and recovery of new muscle mass.