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Always notice how celebrity or a lot of athlete get to enjoy bunch of so call "Unhealthy food" and yet they can achieve amazing physique. While you are forcing yourself to swallow up steam chicken breast, steam fish and broccoli and yet your physiques is not showing any notable changes! The same sad thing also goes for your training. You are hitting gym 5 days per weeks 2 hours daily with little result or no results to show and yet you see other gym goer is packing on muscle so quickly that you can only admire in awe. 

The thing is, to obtain an amazing physique is not only about training and nutrition. Yes, they do play an important part. But to obtain a nice physique is a lifetime lifestyle. 

We all know how true it is that a healthy and nice physiques can help us in our daily life. Look and the list below and lets face it, this world is unfair: 

You will be stronger and have more energy to get through your daily work!
You will get more attention from the opposite sex!
You will have more opportunity in work life and relationship goal!
People will tends to forgive your mistake more easily!
You can live longer!
To improve your mood and metal health!
You will tends to be more popular and easier to earn extra side income!
People would love to be your friends !
You will not get bullied!

At the same time ask yourself! Even if you want a fit, strong and sexy body, do you want to see yourself getting up of the bed eating oatmeal, chicken breast and broccoli every single day? But would you rather understand what nutrition really is and eat whatever you want? Because at the end of the day, you would like to have a diet plan which is design not for the mass but for you! 

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Here is what Team ProteinLab Malaysia will provide for you and helping you achieiving your goals!

  1. Team ProteinLab Malaysia team will impart you knowledge about nutrition! We are not giving you a stupid meal plan which is designed to be use by everyone! (The more you know about nutrition, the more you can design your meal for yourself. You don't even need to cook and can enjoy all the delicious food in Malaysia!)

  2. Team ProteinLab Malaysia will design your training base on your body goal! How often do you look it up on self proclaim best personal training trainer or online personal trainer coach website with a cheap fee and you think you get a bargain? Month later you see no result even you follow the training and diet plan closely? Either that, or the plan don't allow you to make a single error in your diet, in which failure of following them will result in your body major rebound. The reason is simple! these training are designed for the mass market and not toward your specific body and your overall goal. Yes, if you follow the diet and nutrition plan closely you will get the result you desire. But those type of diet and training is putting on the immense pressure on your body and not meant to be a long term lifestyle with a quick rebound. (I surely can go on more of rebound effect. But we will leave it on our article of body rebound effect)

  3. Team ProteinLab Malaysia team will guide you on your training! We here wanted to help you achieve your body you dream of for life. But not here to ask you to pay us for life. We belief in empowering individual and together we move towards a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Team ProteinLab Malaysia will provided you with the proper supplementation for free! Proteinlab Malaysia are proud to say that we are the largest authentic sport supplements seller in Malaysia. We are not here to force you into buying any sport supplements while you are subscribing to our personal training services. Instead, ProteinLab Malaysia will give it FREE to you! We are confident of the sport supplement we sell will produce results unlike most low quality or fake supplement sold out there. So while providing personal training session, Team Proteinlab Malaysia would also supply you with the supplement which will allow you to expedite towards your goal.      


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What's in the box?

• 100% Whey Protein
• 100% Whey Protein Professional
• Hot Blood (Pre-workout)
• Multi-Pro (Multi Vitamins)
All ready for your 7 days of supplements. 

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`Team ProteinLab Malaysia will surely give you a boost of motivation for your workout! So you need motivation or a spotter? Yes! we surely will always be on stand by and help you with motivation issue on your workout. ProteinLab Malaysia is a team full with creativity and wonderful trainer which we will also able to switch your boring routine up. You will see new record you created are smash one after another. Or maybe you are training for a quick special event in which you need to speed thing up a notch. We are here to design new and challenging workout towards your specific goals! 



More benefits of Team ProteinLab Malaysia personal training!

A professional personal training session is one-on-one instruction that incorporates exercise screening, goal-setting, nutrition education and health education. Following a fitness & nutritionist consultation, the trainer will design a challenging workout routine specifically designed for each individual’s needs. Your personal trainer is there to instruct you on proper lifting techniques, introduce you to exercises that target your specific goals and motivate you towards your full potential. Team Proteinlab Malaysia is here to deliver you the result you want. No bullshit training, no nonsense diet. Just the result you want with the workout and nutrition plan which is designed for your body!

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